JJ van Altena is the owner of Bdumbi Too Ranch and the director of the well-known service provider for the wildlife industry, Global Supplies.

Global Supplies was established in 2001 when JJ left the Kruger National Park (KNP) after his 7 year tenure with the organization. With JJ’s expertise and contacts in the wildlife network, Global Supplies has been at the cutting edge of delivering top class products and services to the wildlife industry ever since. As a result of this reputation, its network has grown tenfold and still continues to grow! JJ’s philosophy of wanting to make a difference is evident in Global Supplies footprint. The same philosophy, drive, expertise, knowledge and determination has been extended in the development of Bdumbi Too Ranch and its successful breeding of top quality animals.

JJ spent seven years in the Kruger National Park (KNP) where he was involved various ranger duties, veld management, game capture, Elephant Contraception research and implementation.

During this time he also gained extensive experience in all aspects of various wildlife relocation projects – from Ground Hornbill to Elephant. His knowledge base extends to the diverse field of wildlife management. JJ assisted in the aerial tracking of various collared animals within the KNP as part of on-going research projects. After leaving the park, JJ continued with relocation efforts – including relocating the majority of Elephant that now occur on Private Reserves.

JJ grew up spending a vast majority of his time on his grandfathers farm on the border of the Kruger National Park in the Umbabat area and his father’s farm, Bdumbi Ranch, in the Mateke Hills of Zimbabwe. It was at this early age that his love, passion and interest in wildlife was ignited.

A farm in the Thabazimbi area, bordering on ThabaTholo was acquired in 2003 and named Bdumbi Too Ranch. JJ and his sister used to call Elephants “Bdumbi’s” because of the sound they make when they walk… bdum, bdum, bdum. This is how the name Bdumbi Ranch originated for the families farm in Zimbabwe then later on Bdumbi Too Ranch for the family farm in Thabazimbi and now Bdumbi Too Safaris the latest addition also bordering ThabaTholo in Thabazimbi, a mere stone throw from Bdumbi Too Ranch.

Over the years JJ has put immense time and effort into creating the ideal camp setup for his intensive as well as extensive game breeding operation.  This is an ongoing process and will never be perfect. He has fenced numerous camps for his selected scarce and common game species that he now concentrates on. He designed his own holding boma and passive capture bomas, making capture work easier and at the same time providing a comfortable environment for the animals.

JJ loves and enjoys what he does and is driven by his passion and his desire to make a difference. His breeding herds consist of outstanding Black-masked Zambian Sable, Buffalo, Kudu, Waterbuck, Nyala, Wildebeest, Red Hartebeest and Livingstone Eland, Gemsbuck all with exceptional horn length and genetic strength. The remainder of his selective breeding consists of Black and Saddleback Impala. Other species roaming on the ranches include zebra, giraffe, bushbuck, warthog and other general game species.

JJ van Altena

JJ van Altena


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